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Oregon Vineyards and Wine

Oregon is the home to some of the best vineyards in the entire world.  The soil and climate grow fantastic grapes that are being turned into quality wine.  A wine tasting trip in Oregon can be a day trip, weekend or entire week long.  Planning to do some wine tasting, print this page out and take it with you.







Springhill Cellars Winery
2920 NW Scenic Dr, (541) 928-1009, Fax: (541) 928-1009 [email protected]

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Amity Vineyards
18150 Amity Vineyards Rd, Amity, OR 97101, toll free: 888-264-8966, email: [email protected]

Cuneo Cellars
9360 SE Eola Hills Road, Amity, OR 97101, phone: 503-835-2782, email: [email protected] 

Kristin Hill Winery
3330 SE Amity Dayton Hwy, Amity, OR  97101-2003, phone: (503) 835-4012  

Madrona Vineyards
17751 SE Amity Vineyards Rd, Amity, OR  97101-2304, phone: (503) 835-0855

Mia Sonatina Cellars
102 Nursery St. (also 6th), Amity, OR 97101,, phone: (503) 449-0834, email: [email protected]

Tempest Vineyards
6000 Karlas Ln, Amity, OR  97101-2321, phone: (503) 835-2600

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The Academy of Wine of Oregon Inc
18200 Hwy 238, phone: 541-846-6817

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Ashland Vineyards and Winery -- Shakespeare Wine
2775 East Main Street, phone: 541-488-0088, toll free: 866-4-WINENET, email: [email protected]

Weisinger's of Ashland
3150 Siskiyou, phone: 541-488-5989, email: [email protected]

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Shallon Winery
1598 Duane St., phone: 503-325-5978, email:  [email protected]

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Champoeg Wine Cellars
10375 Champoeg Rd. NE, phone: 503-678-2144, email: [email protected]

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Cooper Mountain Vineyards 
9480 SW Grabhorn Rd, phone: 503 649-0027, email: [email protected]

Ponzi Vineyards
14665 SW Winery Lane, phone: 503-628-1227, email: [email protected]

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St. Josef's Winery
28836 S Barlow Rd, phone: 503-651-3190, email: [email protected]

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Andrew Rich Wines
801 North Scott Street, phone: 503-284-6622, email: [email protected]

Belle Pente
12470 NE Rowland Road, phone: 503-852-9500, email: [email protected]

Carlton Cellars
PO Box #974, phone: 503-474-8986, email: [email protected]

Chateau Benoit
6580 NE Mineral Springs Rd., phone: 503-864-2991, email: [email protected]

Cuneo Cellars
750 Lincoln Street, phone: 503-852-0002, email: [email protected]

Hamacher Wines
801 N. Scott, phone: 503-852-7200, email: [email protected]

Ken Wright Cellars
P.O. Box 190, phone: 503-852-7070, email: [email protected]

Laurel Ridge Winery
13301 NE Kuehne Rd., phone: 503-852-7050, email: [email protected]

Penner-Ash Wine Cellars
801 N Scott Street, phone: 503-554-5545, email: [email protected]

213 NW Pine Street, phone: 503-662-3149

The Carlton Winemakers Studio
801 N. Scott St., phone: 503-852-6100, email: [email protected]

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Cave Junction

Bridgeview Vineyards 
4210 Holland Loop Road, phone: 541-592-4688, toll free: 877-273-4843, email: [email protected] 

Foris Vineyards Winery 
654 Kendall Road, toll free: 800-84-FORIS, email: [email protected]

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Gypsy Dancer Estates
35040 SW Unger Road, phone: 503-628-0955, email: [email protected]

Lion Valley Vineyards
35040 SW Unger Road, phone: 503-628-5458, email: [email protected]

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Belle Vallée Cellars
804 NW. Buchanan Ave, phone: 541-757-9463, email: [email protected]

Tyee Winery
26335 Greenberry Rd., phone: 541-753-8754, email:   [email protected]

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Gilstrap Brothers
69789 Antles Lane, 541-568-4450, email: [email protected]

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Chateau Bianca Winery
17485 HWY 22, phone: 503-623-6181, email: [email protected]

Namaste Vineyards
5600 Van Well Road, phone: 503-623-4150, email: [email protected]

Van Duzer Vineyards 
11975 Smithfield Road, phone: 503-623-6420, email: [email protected]

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Archery Summit Winery 
18599 NE Archery Summit Road, toll free: 800-732-8822, email: [email protected]

Domaine Serene
6555 NE Hilltop Lane, phone: 503-864-4600, email: [email protected]

White Rose Wines
6250 NE Hilltop Lane, phone: 949-275-8021, email: [email protected]

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Argyle Winery 
691 Highway 99W, phone: 503-538-8520, email: [email protected]

Cameron Winery
8200 Worden Hill Rd., phone: 503-538-0336, email: [email protected]

Daedalus Cellars
10505 NE Red Hills Road, phone: 503-537-0727, email: [email protected]

Domaine Drouhin Oregon
P.O. Box 700, phone: 503-864-2700, email: [email protected]

Duck Pond Cellars 
23145 Hwy 99W, phone: 503-538-3199, email: [email protected]

Dundee Springs Winery / Perry Bower Vineyard
Corner Hwy 99W and Fox Farm Rd., phone: 503-554-8000, email: [email protected]

Erath Vineyards Winery
9409 NE Worden Hill Road, phone: 503-538-3318, email: [email protected]

Eyrie Vineyards
Box 697, phone: (503) 472-6315

9305 Red Hills Road, phone: 503-538-4161, email: [email protected]

Sokol Blosser Winery
5000 NE Sokol Blosser Lane, phone: 503-864-2282, email:  [email protected]

Torii Mor Winery
18325 NE Fairview Drive, toll free: 800-839-5004, email: [email protected]

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Brandborg Vineyard & Winery
345 First Street. phone: 541-584-2870, email: [email protected]

River's Edge
1395 River Drive, phone: 541-584-2357, email: [email protected]

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LaVelle Vineyards
89697 Sheffler Road, phone: 541-935-9406, email: [email protected]

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Briggs Hill Vineyards
Phone: 541-341-3974, email: [email protected]

Eugene Wine Cellars
255 Madison St., phone: 541-342-2600, email:  [email protected]

Houston Vineyards
86187 Hoya Lane, phone: 541-747-4681

Keaten-Reed Wines
26 west 24th. Ave, phone: 541-521-2190

Silvan Ridge/ Hinman Vineyards
27012 Briggs Hill Rd., phone: 541-345-1945, email: [email protected]

Territorial Vineyards & Wine Company
907 West Third Avenue, phone: 541-684-9463, email: [email protected]

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Forest Grove

David Hill Winery
46350 NW David Hill Rd, phone: 503-992-8545, email: [email protected]

Montinore Estate
3663 SW Dilley Rd, phone: 503-359-5012, email: [email protected]

Shafer Vineyard Cellars
6200 NW Gales Creek Road, phone: 503-357-6604, email: [email protected]

Tualatin Estate Vineyards
10850 NW Seavey Rd., phone: 503-357-5005, email: [email protected]

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ADEA Wine Company
26421 NW Hwy 47, 503-662-4509, email: [email protected]

Elk Cove Vineyards
27751 NW Olson Road, phone: 503-985-7760, email: [email protected]

Kramer Vineyards
26830 NW Olson Rd, phone: 503-662-4545, email: [email protected]

La Dolce Vita Vineyards
6223 Old Highway 47, phone: 503-992-7195

Patton Valley Vineyard
9449 SW Old Hwy. 47, phone: 503-985-3445, email: [email protected]

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Grants Pass

Troon Vineyard
1475 Kubli Road, phone: 541-846-9900, email: [email protected]

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Beran Vineyards
30088 SW Egger Rd., phone: 503-628-1298, email: [email protected]

Freja Cellars
16691 SW McFee Place, 503-628-7843, email: [email protected]

Helvetia Winery & Vineyard
22485 NW Yungen, phone: 503-647-5169, email: [email protected]

J Albin Winery
19495 Vista Hill Dr., phone: 503-628-2986

Oak Knoll Winery 
29700 SW Burkhalter Rd., phone: 503-648-8198, email: [email protected]

Raptor Ridge
29090 SW Wildhaven Lane, phone: 503-887-5595, email: [email protected]

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Hood River

Flerchinger Vineyards
4200 Post Canyon Drive, phone: 541-386-2882, email: [email protected]

Hood River Vineyards
4693 Westwood Dr, phone: 541-386-3772

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Cricket Hill Vineyard & Winery
2131 Little Applegate Rd., phone: 541-899-7264

Planchon Vineyards
Little Applegate Rd, phone: 541-899-8685, email: [email protected]

Valley View Winery 
1000 Upper Applegate Road, toll free: 800-781-9463, email: [email protected]

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Junction City

High Pass Winery
24757 Lavell Rd, phone: 541-998-1447, email: [email protected]

Pfeiffer Vineyards
25040 Jaeg Rd., phone: 541-998-2828, email: [email protected]

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Winter's Hill Vineyard
748 Hwy 99W, phone: 503-864-4610, email: [email protected]

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Chateau Lorane
27415 Siuslaw River Road, phone: 541-942-8028, email: [email protected]

Iris Hill
PO Box 137, phone: 541-345-1617, email: [email protected]

King Estate Winery 
Phone: 541-942-9874, email: [email protected]

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Coleman Vineyard
22734 Latham Road, phone: 503-843-2707, email: [email protected]

La Bete Wines
845 NE 5th St., #400, phone: 503-977-1493, email: [email protected]

Lundeen Vineyard
Poverty Bend Road, phone: 503-555-6487

Maysara Estate Winery
15765 Muddy Valley Road, phone: 503-843-1234, email: [email protected]

Panther Creek Cellars
455 N. Irvine, phone: 503 472 8080, email: [email protected]

Stone Wolf Vineyards
2155 NE Lafayette Ave, phone: 503-434-9025, email: [email protected]

Walnut City Wineworks
475 NE 17th Street, PO Box 1007, phone: 503.472.3215  

Yamhill Valley Vineyards 
16250 SW Oldsville Rd, phone: 503-843-3100, email: [email protected]

Youngberg Hill Vineyards & Inn  
10660 SW Youngberg Hill, phone: 503-472-2727, email: [email protected]

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EdenVale Estate
2310 Voorhies Road, phone: 541-512-2955, email: [email protected]

RoxyAnn Winery
3285 Hillcrest Road, phone: 541-776-2315, email: [email protected]

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Seven Hills Vineyard
Phone: (541) 938-8941, email: [email protected]

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Airlie Winery
15305 Dunn Forest Rd, phone: 503-838-6013, email: [email protected]

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Benton-Lane Winery
23924 Territorial Hwy., phone: 541-847-5792, email: [email protected]

Broadley Vineyards
265 South 5TH St., phone: 541-847-5934

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Adelsheim Vineyard
16800 NE Calkins Lane, phone: 503-538-3652, email: [email protected]

August Cellars
14000 NE Quarry Rd, phone: 503-789-7404, email: [email protected]

Beaux Frères
15155 NE North Valley Rd., phone: 503-537-1137, email: [email protected]

Brick House
18200 Lewis Rogers Lane, phone: 503-538-5136, email: [email protected]

31190 NE Veritas Lane, phone: 503-538-4700, email: [email protected]

Rex Hill
30835 N. Hwy. 99W, toll free: 800-739-4455, email: [email protected] 

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MarshAnne Landing
381 Hogan Rd, phone: 541-459-8497, email: [email protected]

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Oregon City

Christopher Bridge Cellars
12770 S. Casto Rd., phone: 503-263-6267, email: [email protected]

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Otter Rock

Flying Dutchman Winery
915 First Street, phone: 541-765-2553, email: [email protected]

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Harris Bridge Vineyards 
PO Box 1432. phone: 541-929-3053, email: [email protected]
Harris Bridge Vineyard was founded in 1997 by Nathan Warren and his family of friends.  It was built to produce world class wines through innovative winemaking and vineyard practices, and stands as a fine example of a truly cooperative farming venture for a community of friends.  Ecologically sound and sustainable farming practices are at HBV’s core, and they are key to preserving one of the most spectacular natural settings in Oregon. The Vineyard is planted in Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, two of Oregon’s premier varietals.  With the fruit from those vines, HBV produces ultra-premium Ice Wines. These wines are made timeless through uncompromising winemaking artistry.   

720 Wine Cellars
PO Box 1641, phone: 541-929-4562, email: [email protected]

Bald Hill Vineyard
1810 Bullevard, 541-929-4773. email: [email protected]

Pheasant Court Winery
1731 Pheasant Ct., phone: 541-929-7715, email: [email protected]

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Antica Terra
6120 NE 22nd Avenue, phone: 503-281-7696

Hip Chicks do Wine
4510 SE 23rd Avenue, phone: 503-753-6374, email: [email protected]

Nicolas Rolin Vineyards & Winery
2234 NE 50th Ave, phone: 503-282-7542

KaiserRidge Vineyard
9345 NW Kaiser Road, phone: 503-286-3509

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Cherry Hill Winery
7867 Crowley Road, phone: 503-623-7867, email: [email protected]

Eola Hills Wine Cellars
501 S. Pacific Hwy W, phone: 503-623-2405, email: [email protected]

Firesteed Cellars
2200 W. Pacific Hwy., 206-233-0683, email: [email protected]

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Abacela Vineyards & Winery
12500 Lookingglass Rd., phone: (541) 679-6642, email: [email protected]

Champagne Creek Cellars
340 Busenbark Lane, phone: 541-673-7901, email: [email protected]

Girardet Wine Cellars
895 Reston Rd., phone: 541-679-7252, email: [email protected]

HillCrest Vineyard
240 Vineyard Lane, phone: 541-673-3709

La Garza Cellars
491 Winery Lane, 541-679-9654, email: [email protected]

Melrose Vineyards
885 Melqua Road, email; 541-672-6080

272 Capital Lane, phone: 541-464-0032

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Ankeny Vineyards
2565 Riverside Drive South, phone: 503-378-1498, email: [email protected]

Bethel Heights Vineyard
6060 Bethel Heights RD NW, phone: 503-581-2262, email: [email protected]

Cristom Vineyards
6905 Spring Valley Rd. NW, phone: 503-375-3068, email: [email protected]

Elton Vineyards
22500 Ingram Lane NW, phone: 503-868-7376

Evesham Wood Vineyard
3795 Wallace Rd. NW, phone: 503-371-8478, email: [email protected]

Honeywood Winery
1350 Hines St SE, phone: 503-362-4111, email: [email protected]

Kathken Vineyards
5739 Orchard Heights Rd NW, phone: 503-316-3911, email: [email protected]

Mystic Wines
3995 Deepwood Lane NW, S503-581-2769, email: [email protected]

Rachel's Cellars
9092 Jackson Hill Rd, phone: 503-312-5994

St. Innocent Winery
1360 Tandem Avenue NE, phone: 503-378-1526, email:  [email protected]

Stangeland Vineyards and Winery
8500 Hopewell Road, NW, phone: (503) 581-0355, toll free: 800-301-9482, email: [email protected]

Witness Tree Vineyard
7111 Spring Valley Road NW, phone: 503-585-7874, email: [email protected]

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Paradis Vineyard
17235 Abiqua Rd, phone: 503-873-8475, email: [email protected]

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Paschal Winery
1122 Suncrest Road, phone: 541-535-7957, email: [email protected]

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The Dalles

Erin Glenn Vineyards
3511 Sandlin Road, phone: 541-296-4707

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Edgefield Winery
2126 SW Halsey, phone: (503) 669-8610

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Willamette Valley Vineyards 
8800 Enchanted Way SE, phone: (503) 588-9463, email: [email protected]

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Henry Estate Winery
687 Hubbard Creek Road, phone: 541-459-5120, email: [email protected]

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Secret House Vineyards Winery
88324 Vineyard Lane, phone: 541-935-3774, toll free: 800-497-1574, email: [email protected]

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West Linn

Holloran Vineyard Wines, LLC
2636 SW Schaeffer Road, 503-638-6224, email: [email protected]

Oswego Hills
450 S. Rosemont Rd, phone: 503-655-2599, email: [email protected]

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Carabella Vineyard 
Phone: 503-699-1829, email: [email protected]

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Stag Hollow Wines
7930 NE Blackburn Rd, phone: 503-662-5609, email: [email protected]

Soter Vineyards
P.O. Box 400, phone: 503-662-5600, email: [email protected]

WillaKenzie Estate
19143 NE Laughlin Road, phone: 503-662-3280, email: [email protected]

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