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Oregon Fishing Supplies

Listings for fishing supplies are in order by their city location.  Some are tackle shops and others are specific fishing equipment.  If you take the time to look through the list, you might just find that unique piece of fishing equipment you never knew you needed.


Killen Spinners
125 Fairway Drive, phone: (541) 967-9185

Two Rivers Fly Shop
250 Broadalbin St SW, Ste 114, phone: (541) 967-9800

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Innovative Fishing Technologies, PO Box 6745, email: [email protected]

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Arne Mason
258 Wimer St., Ashland, phone: 541-482-2260, email: [email protected]

Ashland Fly Shop
P.O. Box 864, phone: (541) 482-1430, email: [email protected]

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Salmon Republic Inc
3292 Leif Erickson Drive, phone:(503) 325-7587

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W.W. Grigg Company
23115 Airport Rd. N.E. #9, phone: 503 678 5552

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Bandon Bait
87969 2 Mile Lane, phone: (541) 347-3905

Port O Call
155 1st Street Southwest, phone: (541) 347-2875

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Numb-Butt Fly Company
547 NE Bellevue Drive, Suite 201, toll free: 888-248-8309, email: [email protected]

Rod Mounts
Toll free:
888/925-4487, email: [email protected]

The Fly Box
1293 N.E. Third St., phone: (541) 388-3330, email: [email protected]

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Critters Sporthaven Charters
Phone: (541) 412-9990

Sporthaven Marina
16374 Lower Harbor Road, phone: (541) 469-3301

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26934 NW Bacona, phone:  503-324-0990, email:  [email protected]

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Williamson River Outfitters LLC
Junction Hy 62 And H # 97, phone: (541) 783-2677

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Coos Bay

Basin Tackle Shop
Charleston Boat Basin, phone:  (541) 888-3811

Bites On Bait & Tackle
814 Newmark Avenue, phone: (541) 888-4015

Surplus Center Inc
310 South Broadway, phone:(541) 267-6711

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Andersons Sporting Goods Inc
137 Southwest 3rd Street, phone: (541) 757-1666

Scarlet Ibis Fly Shop
121 S.W. 4th Street, phone: (541) 754-1544, email: [email protected]

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Baxters Custom Tackle & Boats
777 West 6th Avenue, phone: (541) 345-3270

Caddis Fly Angling Shop
168 West 6th Avenue, phone: (541) 342-7005

Home Waters Fly Fishing
444 West 3rd Avenue, phone: (541) 342-6691

Women in Waders
Reel Fish, PO Box 24606, phone: 541-685-0963, email: [email protected]

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Mt. Hood Custom Rods
20429 S. Springwater Rd, phone: (503) 631-2395, email: [email protected]

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The R & B Company
P. O. Box 1267, phone: (503) 661-4176, email: [email protected]

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Anglers Manufacturing Inc
1715 Kingwood Street, phone: (541) 997-7338

249 Highway 101, phone: (541) 997-3336

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Garibaldi Bait & Outdoors
Phone: (503) 322-0282

Lyster Bait & Tackle
14960 Highway 101 North, phone: (503) 322-3342

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Umpqua Feather Merchants
P.O. Box 700, toll free:  800-322-3218, email: [email protected]

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Gold Beach

G Spot Blades
Phone: (541) 247-9411

Gold Coast Products
94939 Knox Lane, phone: (541) 247-5706

P.O. Box 1255, Gold Beach, phone:  541.247.6076, email: [email protected]

Rogue Outdoor Store
29865 Ellensburg Avenue, phone: (541) 247-7142

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Grants Pass

Native Run Fly Shop
200 McDonald Lane, phone: 541-474-0018, email: [email protected]

Rogue Fly Shop
310 NW Morgan Ln., phone: (541) 476-0552, email: [email protected]    

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Jim Teeny Inc.
P. O. Box 989, phone: 503-667-6602, email: [email protected]

Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters
17302 Northeast Halsey, phone: (503) 252-1529

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Stutzman Custom Fishing Rods
PO Box 733, Halfway, phone: 541-742-4828, email: [email protected]

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Balanced Catch
2100 South Highway 395, phone: (541) 564-0626

High Desert Marine Inc
Hghwy 395 And Bnsl Road, phone: (541) 567-8419

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Kiger Creek Fly Shop
120 NW Circle Drive, phone: (541) 573-1329, email: [email protected]

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Hood River

Boat Shop
1348 Tucker Road, phone: (541) 386-6743

Gorge Fly Shop
201 Oak Street, phone: (541) 386-6977, email: [email protected] 

LUHR Jensen & Sons Inc
400 Portway Avenue, phone: (541) 386-3811

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Joseph Fly Shop
203 N. Main, phone: (541) 432-4343, email: [email protected]

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Klamath Falls

Parkers Rod and Gun Rack
7364 South 6th Street, phone: (541) 883-3726

Trophy Waters Flyfishing Shop
800 Klamath Avenue, phone: (541) 850-0717

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La Grande

Four Season's Fly Shoppe 
10210 Wallowa Lake Highway, phone: 541-963-8420, toll free: 888-819-7299, email: [email protected]

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Coast Lures
P.O. Box 350, phone:  (541) 759-4767

Lakeside Hardware & Tackle
130 8th Street, phone: (541) 759-3448

Lakeside Marina Inc
325 8th Street, phone: (541) 759-3312

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Lincoln City

Rose Lodge Park Store & Feed Store
4077 Salmon River Highway, phone: (541) 994-2415

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The Riffle Fly Shop
7228 NW Hwy 26, phone: (541) 553-1384, email: [email protected]

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Big Y Fly Co.
PO Box 215, phone: (541) 993-8844, email: [email protected]

Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop
599 S. Hwy 197, phone: (541) 395-2565, toll free: (866) 647-4721, email: [email protected]

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Caddis Manufacturing
3120 Northeast Highway 99W, phone: (503) 472-3111

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Trask River Tackle
7016 SE Savanna, email: [email protected]

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Myrtle Point

TH Custom Rods
624 Bender St., phone: (541) 396-4895, email: [email protected]

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Old Salty Tackle Company
901 N. Brutsher Street Suite D-193, phone : (503) 538-8396, email : [email protected]

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Bittler Brothers Sport Center
355 Southwest Coast Highway, phone: (541) 265-7192

Englund Marine Supply
975 Southeast Bay Boulevard, phone: (541) 265-9275

Harrys Bait & Tackle
402 Southwest Bay Boulevard, phone: (541) 265-2407

S & M Tackle Manufacturing Company
930 NW Lake Street, phone: (541) 265-6143

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North Plains

First Cast Jigs LLC
P.O. Box 488, phone: (503) 998-3994,
email: [email protected]

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Dan Craft Enterprises
Email: [email protected]

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Outdoorsman Cambos
532 East Idaho Avenue, phone:  (541) 889-3135

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Oregon City

BC Angling Post
24 Orgn Cty Shopping Center B, phone: (503) 655-4161

HoldZit Products, Inc.
15355 S. Bradley Road, phone: (503) 655-9576: email: [email protected]

Janrey Outdoor
Phone: (503) 657-3232

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Blue Mountain Angler's and Fly Shop
1847 Westgate, phone: 541-966-8770, email: [email protected]  

P.O. Box 1908, phone: 541-276-6190, toll free: 866-435-3384, email: [email protected]

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Fisherman's Corner
P.O. Box 368, phone: (541) 929-2440, email: [email protected]

Hendrix Outdoors, Inc.
PO Box 1628, phone: 541-929-6411, email: [email protected]
Transport your bows and fishing poles safely on the bedrail of your pickup! No drilling required. We know the work that goes into protecting gear of every kind.  Now with the Hendrix Outdoors Sport Rack, transporting and protecting your costly sporting equipment and tools is very easy to do.  Simply fasten the sport rack to the bed rail of your pickup, secure your equipment with the rubber snubbers and you're ready to go.

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Port Orford

Dock Tackle
303 Dock Road, OR 97465, phone: (541) 332-8985

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Clackamas River Fly Shop
12632 Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard, phone: (503) 794-7122

Countrysport Limited
126 SW First Avenue, phone: 503-221-4545, toll free: 800-597-4946, email: [email protected]

Crowes Bait
7499 Southeast Overland Street, phone: (503) 771-2341

Fast Action Fishing
115 NE 83rd Ave phone: (503) 408-8575

Kaufmanns Streamborn Fly Shop Mail Order & Warehouse
8861 Southwest Commercial Street, phone: (503) 639-6400

Lure ME
2926 Southeast 136th Avenue, phone: (503) 762-1273

Oregon Tackle MFG
8971 Southeast 76th Drive, phone: (503) 777-4021

Poulsen-Cascade Corporation
2916 Northeast Alberta Street, phone: (503) 284-6030

Quickset Rod Holder CO
1644 Northeast 143rd Avenue, phone: (503) 256-0213

Rainbow Tackle
5430 Northeast 30th Avenue, phone:  (503) 287-3884

Rod & Reel Storage Ace
P.O. Box 3362, phone: 503-244-9315, email: [email protected]

Roys Rod & Reel
8525 Southeast 13th Avenue, phone: (503) 234-0193

Russ's Rod Building Fly Tying and Driftboat Classes
2506 Northeast 26th Avenue, phone: (503) 281-8609

Swan Island Marine Supply CO
4855 North Lagoon Avenue, phone: (503) 285-6694

The Workstick
P.O. Box 86473, phone: (503) 231-8202

Throbbin' Rod Tackle Company
Phone: 503-794-9188, toll free: 888-657-7494

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Osprey Fly Shop
Phone: (541) 271-4463

Reedsport Outdoor Store
2049 Winchester Avenue, phone: (541) 271-2311

Umpqua Bait
Phone: (541) 271-4511

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Rogue River

Sawyer Paddle and Oar
Phone: 541-535-3606

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Creekside Flyfishing Guides & Outfitters
345 High Street SE, phone: (503)-588-1768, toll free: 877-273-3574, email: [email protected] 

Bellinger Reel Seats
2017 25th Street Southeast, phone: (503) 371-6151

Creekside Flyfishing Shop
345 High Street Southeast, phone: (503) 588-1768

D Day Bait Company
4792 Regal Drive Northeast, phone: (503) 588-2871

Elstad Rod & Reel Repair Service
Phone: (503) 363-6487

Fly Country Outfitters
2157 Broadview Court NW, phone: (503) 585-4898, email: [email protected]

GART Sports
2717 Lancaster Drive Northeast, phone: (503) 315-2255

Oregon Bait Inc
3659 Wallace Road Northwest, phone: (503) 588-9676

Seducer Bait CO
Phone: (503) 378-7574

Valley Flyfisher
153 Alice Avenue South, phone: (503) 375-3721

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Truckes 1 Stop
1921 South Highway 101, phone: (503) 738-8863

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The Fly Fisher's Place
151 West Main, phone: (541) 549-3474, email: [email protected]

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Chucks Rod & Reel Service
5350 Main Street, phone:  (541) 747-7861

McKenzie Custom Rods
Phone: 541-933-1547 or 541-521-3079, email: [email protected]

McKenzie Fly Tackle CO Inc
1075 Shelley Street, phone: (541) 741-8161

Muleys Fishing Equipment
2463 19th Street, phone: (541) 746-9865

Walterville Feed & Tackle
39355 McKenzie Highway, phone: (541) 746-5071

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Sunriver Fly Shop
56805 Venture Lane, phone: (541) 593-8814, email: [email protected]

The Hook Fish Fly Shop
Sunriver Village Mall, Building 21, phone: (541) 593-2358, toll free: 888-230- HOOK, email: [email protected]

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The Dalles

616 East 3rd Street, phone:  (541) 296-8434

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Cure Rite Products
PO Box 681, phone:  (503) 842-5550

Guide Shop Inc
12140 Wilson River Highway, phone: (503) 842-3474, email at:
The Guide Shop is proud to present our website of fishing products and services that we maintain upholding the quality and effectiveness sought by anglers. In 1999, we decided to publish a website so we could reach out to people across the country and share our excellent products and true love of fishing. As fishermen ourselves, we have an expert understanding of how important it is to make available the best products and services, which will yield the most enjoyable and productive fishing trip for you. From the beginning we have been committed to research and development; our manufactured products have proven successful in not only ease of use and application, but in performance. Our salmon egg cures are guide tested and salmon approved. Keeping with the highest quality, all other non-manufactured fishing products that we carry, offer the very best in material and design.  070605

Tillamook Bait Shop
1975 Wilson River Loop, phone: (503) 842-5031, email: [email protected]

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Jacks Snacks & Tackle
1208 East Historic Columbia River Hwy, phone: (503) 665-2257

Stewarts Fly Shop
23830 Northeast Halsey Street, phone:  (503) 666-2471

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Hillco Bait
1630 East Alsea Highway,  phone:  (541) 563-6730

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Premium Brand Sardines
338 NE Skipanon Drive, phone: 503-861-6070, email: [email protected]

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The Fly Fishing Shop
67296 East Hwy 26, phone: (503) 622-4607, toll free: (800) 266-3971, email: [email protected]

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West Linn

ProMotion Fishing Products
22768 S. Johnson Rd, phone: 888/290-1802

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White City

Rogue Rods
7675 4th Street, phone: 541-830-4141, toll free: 877-352-7624, email: [email protected]

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