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Notable Oregonians

Historical Figures
Political Figures

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Khayam (cheetah)   learn more
Keiko (whale)   learn more
Packy (elephant)   learn more

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Atkeson, Ray (photographer)
Davenport, Homer (political cartoonist)   learn more
Groening, Matt (cartoonist/producer/writer)   learn more
Kennerly, David (photographer)   learn more
Vinton, Will (animator)   learn more

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Ainge, Danny (basketball)   learn more 
Baker, Terry (football)   learn more
Beck, Lew (gold medal, 1948 Olympics, basketball)
Brown, Cynthia L. (gold medal, 1988 Olympics, basketball)
Brown, David P. (gold medal, 1948Olympics, rowing)
Carr, Ken (gold medal, 1964 Olympics, basketball)
Counts, Mel (gold medal, 1960 Olympic, basketball)
Dischinger, Terry G. (gold medal, 1960 Olympics, basketball)
Fifer, James (gold medal, 1956 Olympics, rowing)
Fosbury, Dick (high jump)   learn more
Gilbert, Alfred C. (gold medal, 1908 Olympics, pole vault)
Gilder, Bob
(golf)  learn more
Graham, Norris (gold medal, 1932 Olympics, rowing)
Hamm, Edward B. (gold medal, 1928 Olympics, broad jump)
Hansen, Joey (gold medal, 2004 Olympics, rowing)
Harding, Tonya
(skater)   learn more
Helser (DeMorelos), Brenda (gold medal, 1948 Olympics, swimming)
Holman, Marshall

Huntley, Joni (track athlete)
Imhoff, Darrall (gold medal, 1960 Olympics, basketball)
Jacobsen, Peter
(golf)   learn more
Johnson, William D. (gold medal, 1984 Olympics, skiing)
Keuhn, Louis 'Happy' (gold medal, 1920 Olympics, springboard diving)
Killebrew, Harmon (baseball player)   learn more
Kingman, Dave (baseball player)   learn more
Kinkade, Mike (gold medal, 2000 Olympics, basketball)
Lang, Brent (gold medal, 1988 Olympics, swimming)
Lilly, Bob (football)   learn more
MacMillan, Shannon
(gold medal, 1996 Olympics, soccer)
Mahan, Larry (rodeo)   learn more
McGriff, Hershel
(auto racer)   learn more

Menken-Schaudt, Carol J. (gold medal, 1984 Olympics, basketball)
Milbrett, Tiffany (gold medal, 1996 Olympics, soccer)
Payton, Gary (gold medal, 1996 Olympics, basketball)   learn more
Peyton McDonald, Kim M. (gold medal, 1972 and 1976 Olympics, swimming)
Pinkston, Clarence (gold medal, 1920 Olympics, platform diving)
Prefontaine, Steve (runner)   learn more
Proctor, Hank (gold medal, 1952 Olympics, rowing)
Rashad, Ahmad (basketball)   learn more
Reed, Robin (gold medal, 1924 Olympics, wrestling)
Reynolds, Harold (baseball)   learn more
Ross, Norman (gold medal, 1920 Olympics, swimming
Schollander, Don (gold medals, 1964 Olympics, swimmer)   learn more
Schultz, Mark P.
(gold medal, 1984 Olympics, wrestling)
Slaney, Mary (track)   learn more
Smith, William T. (gold medal, 1952 Olympics, wrestling)
Smithson, Forrest (gold medal, 1908 Olympics, high hurdles)
Steding, Katy (gold medal, 1996 Olympics, basketball)
Street, Picabo (gold medal, 1998 Olympics, skiing)   learn more
Wilkins, Mac M. (gold medal, 1976 Olympics, discus)
Zagunis, Mariel (gold medal, 2004 Olympics, fencing)

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Alexakis, Art (singer/songwriter)
Glover, Danny (actor)
Ivory, James (filmmaker)   learn more
Novak, Kim (actress)   learn more
Powell, Jane (actress/singer)   learn more
Ray, Johnnie (singer)   learn more
Rogers, Ginger (actress/dancer)   learn more
Severinsen, Doc (musician/band leader)   learn more
Struthers, Sally (actress)   learn more
Van Sant, Gus (filmmaker/director)   learn more
Wagner, Lindsay (actress)   learn more
Williams, Mason (musician/songwriter)   learn more

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Historical Figures

Applegate, Jesse (pioneer)   learn more
Barber, Rex T. (WWII fighter pilot/ace)   learn more
Barlow, Sam (pioneer/road builder)   learn more
Benson, Simon (logger, road supporter, philanthropist)
Blanchet, Father Francis (missionary)   learn more
Brown, Tabitha Moffat (pioneer/teacher)
Bush, Asahel (banker/publisher)
Clark(e), Harvey (missionary/educator)
Clark, William (explorer)   learn more
Concomly, Chief (Indian leader)
French, Peter (cattle rancher/banker)
Gray, Robert (captain/discoverer)   learn more
Duniway, Abigail Scott (women's rights pioneer)   learn more
Holladay, Ben (stage/railroad builder)   learn more
Joseph, Chief (the Elder-Indian leader)
Joseph, Chief (the Younger-Indian leader)   learn more
Keintepoos ("Captain Jack"-Indian leader)
Lancaster, Sam (highway engineer)
Lee, Jason (missionary/pioneer)   learn more
Lewelling, Seth (nurseryman)
Lewis, Meriwether (explorer)   learn more
McArthur, Lewis A. (geographer/historian)
McCullough, Conde (bridge engineer)   learn more
McLoughlin, John (father of Oregon)   learn more
Meek, Joseph (trapper/lawman)   learn more
Nesmith, James W. (pioneer/senator)
Palmer, Joel (pioneer/writer)   learn more
Paulina, Chief (Indian leader)
Sacagawea (Indian explorer)   learn more
Victor, Frances Fuller (historian)
Villard, Henry (railroad builder)   learn more
White, Dr. Elijah (pioneer/physician)    learn more
Whitman, Marcus and Narcissa (missionaries)   learn more
Winnemucca, Sarah (Indian peacemaker)

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Beard, James (food expert)   learn more
Belluschi, Pietro (architect)   learn more
Condon, Thomas (geologist/paleontologist)   learn more
Engelbart, Douglas (inventor)
Gilbert, A.C. (inventor/toy manufacturer)   learn more
Knight, Phil (business leader)   learn more
Murphy, William (1934 Nobel laureate in medicine)
Owens-Adair, Bethenia (physician/educator)
Pauling, Linus (chemist/Nobel winner)   learn more
Wieman, Carl E. (physicist/Nobel winner)   learn more
Wood, C.E.S. (soldier/attorney/writer)   learn more

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Political Figures

Abernethy, George (governor)
Andrus, Cecil D. (secretary of the interior)
Boardman, Sam (state parks superintendent
Boon, John D. (state treasurer/merchant)
Curry, George (governor/editor)
Deady, Matthew (judge/politician)   learn more
Green, Edith (congresswoman)
Hansell, Stafford (legislator/civic leader)
Hatfield, Mark (senator)
Honeyman, Nan Wood (congresswoman)   learn more
Hoover, Herbert (president)   learn more
Jernstedt, Ken (WWII Flying Tiger pilot, legislator)
Lane, Joseph (governor)   learn more
Lovejoy, Asa (legislator, Portland founder)
Martin, Charles (governor/soldier)
McCall, Tom (governor/journalist)   learn more
McNary, Charles (senator)   learn more
Minto, John (legislator/writer)
Morse, Wayne (senator)   learn more
Neuberger, Maurine (senator)
Neuberger, Richard (senator/author)
Schroeder, Pat (politician)
Stanford, Stanford (politician)
Straub, Bob (governor, treasurer)   learn more
U'Ren, William (political reformer)   learn more
West, Oswald (governor)   learn more

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Auel, Jean (writer)   learn more
Berry, Don
Carver, Raymond (writer)
Cleary, Beverly (writer)   learn more
Curry, Ann (television journalist)
Davis, H.L. (writer)   learn more
Haycox, Earnest (western writer)
Kesey, Ken (writer)   learn more
Le Guin, Ursula (writer)   learn more
Lopez, Barry (writer)
Markham, Edwin (poet)   learn more
McGinley, Phyllis (author)
Miller, Joaquin (poet/writer)   learn more
Newberry, Clare Turlay (children's book author)
Reed, John (journalist/poet)
Scott, Harvey (editor/publisher)   learn more
Stafford, William (poet)   learn more
Whalen, Phillip (poet)

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