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Nahum and Serepta King came to Oregon in 1845 on the Oregon Trail.  They settled in a little valley in the Coast Range and named it Kings Valley.  Their sixteen children left many descendants now living all over the United States and Canada.  This web site is an attempt to gather information about the King Family and make it available to all of those descendants.  If you are a descendant, we would love to hear from you.  You can contact us through Jackie Farris at [email protected]

 SATURDAY, JULY 11, 2015
  11:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.

Fort Hoskins Historical Park (Head north to Kings Valley, turn left onto Hoskins Road and follow the signs)

 How about a picnic? Bring your own food and drinks and enjoy a day at King's Valley's own Fort Hoskins, a 130 acre site, offering interpretive displays, self-guided trails, and accessaible restrooms. We've rented the Fort Hoskins picnic shelter for the day. It has electricity and water but no microwave or fridge. Limited parking is available near the shelter. If you need diabled access, come early and park in the upper lot. If not park in the lower lot and walk from there.



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"West. The sound of a wish in a single word. At least that’s how it sounds to one girl on the Missouri frontier. It’s spring, 1845, and no one is more excited about her family’s long-anticipated trek to Oregon than seventeen-year-old Lovisa King. And why not? Unlike her older sisters, she has no babies to worry about, no sick husband to tend. She’s young, strong, bursting with energy, and even the neighbors’ dire warnings of wilderness perils can’t scare her. After all, who’s better prepared for this than the King family? Aren’t their five brand new covered wagons the finest ones in the jump-off camp? Aren’t they stocked with all the latest in modern traveling equipment? Most confidence-inspiring of all to Lovisa is knowing that her father, Nahum King, is not a man who’d strike out with all three generations of his huge family in tow unless he felt absolutely sure he could get them all to Oregon safely." From A Heart for Any Fate by Linda Crew.


Linda Crew, a Corvallis Oregon author, has written a wonderful book about the King family migration West through the eyes of Lovisa King.  Linda brought our family to life in her book and it was a privelage to have her attend our reunion and tell us how she came about writing this novel.  You can learn more at her web site:  http://www.lindacrew.com.




King Family Tree
Trace the hundreds of descendants of Nahum and Serepta King.

Back When in Benton County
A serious of articles written by Benton County Historian Kenneth Munford and King descendant Charlotte Wirfs.  Learn about their trek across country on the Oregon Trail and their lives after settling in Kings Valley.


King Family Reunions
A family reunion is held in Kings Valley the weekend after Father's Day each year.  You can read the highlights and minutes from the reunions.

King Family Information
A collection of articles and resources about the Kings.  You will find a listing of books in the Nathan King Library, a reading of the Kings Valley Pioneer Cemetery, various letters and articles from and about the early settlers.

Kings Folk Newsletter
The Kings Folk Newsletter is a great source of stories and information about the King Family.  Sign up to get your copies delivered now.

Oregon Trail Links
A King family web site would not be complete with out information about the Oregon Trail.  This is a collection of links to web sites about the Oregon Trail.