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Oregon Coffee


Allann Bros Coffee
1852 Fescue St SE, phone: 541-812-8000, toll free: 800-926-6886, email: [email protected]  

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Premium Gourmet Coffee Shop
Phone: 503-504-0500, email: [email protected]

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Grizzly Peak Roasting Co.
11 N. 1st St., phone: 541.488.4883

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Cafe Venezuela - Astoria
4828 Birch Street, phone: 503 325-1756, email: cafe [email protected]

Columbia River Coffee Roaster
35431 Hwy 105, phone: 503-325-2755, toll free: 800-239-9809, email: [email protected]

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Baker City

La Dolce Vita Coffee Roasters
1270 Campbell Street, phone: 541-663-1306, email: [email protected] 

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Rayjen Coffee Co.
365 2nd St., phone: 541-347-1144
, email: [email protected] 

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Coffee & Company
835 NW Wall Street, phone: 503 389-6464

Royal Blend Coffee
1075 NW Newport Avenue, phone: 541 383-0873
425 NE Windy Knolles Drive, phone: 541 330-1642
1289 NE Second Street, phone: 541 382-6349, email: [email protected]

Strictly Organic Coffee Company
1234 NE 1st Street, phone: 541-383-1570, email: [email protected]

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Coos Bay

Kaffe 101, Inc.
Phone: 541-267-4894

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Oregon Legacy Fine Coffee
100 NW 2nd Street, phone: 541-752-2421, toll free: 877-707-2421, email: [email protected]

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Caffé Botanica
PO Box 21501, phone: 541.349.0243, email: [email protected] 

Cafe Mam Organic Coffee
PO Box 21123, phone: (541) 338-9586, toll free: (888) Café-Mam (223-3626), email: [email protected]

Caffe' Onesto
Eugene, Oregon, email: [email protected]

Caffe Pacori LLC
255 Wallis Street, #3, phone: 541.868.1256, email: [email protected]

Coffee Wholesalers
PO Box 5123., toll free: 866-59-ROAST, email: [email protected]

Custom Roasting
3200 Judkins Road, phone: 503 484-1005

Equator Coffee Co.
P.O. Box 5188, phone: 503 302-6568

Full City Coffee Roasters
842 Pearl Street, toll free: (800) 531-4829, email: [email protected]

Royal Blue Organics
P.O. Box 21123, phone: 503 689-1836, email: [email protected]

Wandering Goat Organic Coffee Roasters
P.O. Box 409 phone: (541) 520-9439, email: [email protected]

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Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters
1240 Bay Street, phone: 541-997-3443, email: [email protected]

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Forest Grove

BJ's Coffee Co.
Phone: 888-277-5282, email: [email protected]

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Gleneden Beach

Coast Roast Coffee Company
Marketplace at Salishan, phone: 503 764-3330

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Buckmaster Coffee Co.
Phone: 503-693-0796

Longbottom Coffee and Tea
4893 NW 235th Ave, toll free: 800-288-1271, email: [email protected]

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Hood River

Hood River Coffee Company
1310 Tucker Rd. phone: 541 386-3908, email: [email protected]

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Independence Coffee Company
226 South Main, phone: 503 838-1348

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Motley Brew Coffee Company, Inc
83326 Joseph Hwy, toll free: 866-850-BEAN (2326), email: [email protected] 

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Cornerstone Coffee Roasters, Ltd.
216 NE Third Street, phone: 503 472-6622 , email: [email protected]

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Mellelo Coffee Roasters
Phone: 541-779-9884, email: [email protected]

Oregon Mountain Coffee Company
930 N Phoenix Rd #4, phone: 541-245-4401

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Caravan Coffee
2750 East 9th St., phone: 503-538-7365, toll free: 800-875-5282, email: [email protected]

Coffee Cottage, The
117 N. Blaine Street, phone: 503 538-7365, email: [email protected]

Pirate Coffee Company, LLC
13445 NE Worden Hill Rd., toll free: 888.393.6833, email:  [email protected]

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Newport Bay Coffee
708 SW Hurbert, phone: 503 265-4090

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North Plains

Oregon Coffee Roaster
Toll free: 800-526-9940, email: [email protected]

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Java Connection
1640 Main Street, phone: 541-929-6632, email: [email protected]
David Hines, Java Connection Master Roaster - With a keen sense of smell and taste, and a desire to be unique amongst local area coffee shops, Dave has continually learned more about the art of roasting coffee, and has searched tirelessly for new coffees to 'play' with in an effort to both enhance his already locally famous blends, and to continue providing truly specialty coffees. All of Java Connection's coffees are 100% sustainable (organic), shade grown, and fire roasted. With not just a wide variety of beans, but an ever-changing variety of beans, our coffees promise a rich taste and smell experience, with complex flavors that - whether your consciously realize this or not - all work together to make the enjoyment of the coffee an actual experience.

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Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters
Email: [email protected]

Boyd Coffee Company
19730 N.E. Sandy Blvd., phone: 503 666-4545, email: [email protected]

Bridgetown Coffee Company
Phone: 503-224-3330

Coffee Bean International
2181 N.W. Nicolai Street, phone: 1.503.227.4490, email: [email protected]

Great Estates Coffee Co.
Phone: 866-240-0033, email: [email protected]

K&F Select Fine Coffees
2801 SE 14th Avenue, phone: 503-234-7788, toll free: 800-558-7788, email: [email protected]

Kobos Company
2355 NW Vaughn Street, phone: 503 796-9363, toll free: 800 579-1678, email: [email protected]

La Costa Sur Brand Coffee
7307 SW 45th. Avenue, phone: 503 519-3030, email: [email protected]

Portland Roasting Company
340 SE 7th Avenue, Toll Free: 800.949.3898, email: [email protected]

Schondecken Coffee Roasters
6720 SE 16th Avenue, phone: 503 236-8234

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
3377 SE Division St, phone: (503) 230-7797

World Cup Roasting
925 N.W. Davis, phone: 503 228-5573, email: [email protected] 

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Dragonfly Coffee Company
140 17th Street NE, phone: 503-399-7449, email: [email protected] 

Governers Cup Coffee Roasters
471 Court Street NE

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Sisters Coffee Company
PO Box 121, toll free: 800-524-JAVA (5282), email: [email protected] 

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Sun River Coffee Co.
P.O. Box 3442, toll free: 888-593-5282, email: [email protected]

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White Horse Coffee & Tea Co.
960 East Central, phone: 877-752-2360, email:
[email protected]

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Five River Coffee Rosters
3670 Highway 101 North, phone: 503- 815-2739, toll free: 866-567-9720, email: [email protected]

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Flying Bean
P.O. box 989, phone: 503-691-1265, toll free: 88-381-1265, email: [email protected]

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