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Portland Oregon Shopping 

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Appetizers and Snacks

Nicky USA
223 SE Third, Portland OR 97214, phone: 503-234-4263, email: [email protected]

Olive Farm
5120 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR 97202, phone: 503-231-8651, toll free: 888-380-8018, email: [email protected]

Pronto Pup Co. Inc.
8437 SW Terwilliger Blvd., Portland, OR, phone: (503) 244-9421, email: [email protected]

Zenner's Quality Sausage & Smoked Meats
2131 NW Kearney St, Portland OR 97210, phone: 503-241-4113, email: [email protected]

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Condiments, Sauces and Mixes

Alpine Harvest
P.O. Box 55054, Portland, OR 97238, email: [email protected]

Charlie's Salsa
16036 SE Grant, Portland, OR 97070, phone: 503-685-9044

Olive Farm
5120 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR 97202, phone: 503-231-8651, toll free: 888-380-8018, email: [email protected]

Oregon Spice Company
13320 N.E. Jarrett Street, Portland OR 97230, phone: 503-238-0664, email: [email protected]

Viva la Basket, Inc.
PO Box 25255, Portland OR 97298, phone: 503-296-0114, email: [email protected]

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Dairy and Eggs

Alpenrose Dairy
6149 SW Shattuck Road, Portland, OR 97221-1044, phone: 503-244-1133, email: [email protected]

Sunshine Dairy Foods
801 Northeast 21st Avenue, Portland, OR 97232, phone:

YoCream International, Inc.
5858 NE 87th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97220, phone: 503-256-3754, toll free: 800-YOCREAM (800-962-7326), email: [email protected]

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Topanien, Gifts of the World
7832 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219, phone: 503-244-9683

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Serious Juggling
1532 NE 37th Ave Ste A Portland, Oregon, 503-233-2577 toll free: (800) 584-4530 email: [email protected]

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Herbs and Spices

Oregon Spice Company
13320 N.E. Jarrett Street, Portland OR 97230, phone: 503-238-0664, email: [email protected]

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Fetzers German Sausages
10940 SW Barnes Rd., Portland, OR 97225, phone: (503) 641-6300, email: [email protected]

Ford Farms Highland Beef
14940 NW Gillihan Rd., Portland, OR 97231

Gartner's Country Meats
7450 NE Killingsworth Street, Portland, OR, phone: 503-252-7801

Mattie C's Fresh Fish & Meat Market
7406 N. Vancouver Avenue, Portland, OR 97217, p
hone: 503-240-0565

Otto's Sausage Kitchen & Meat
4138 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR, phone: 503-771-6714

Phil's Uptown Meat Market
17 NW 23rd Place, Portland, OR, phone: 503-224-9541

R & B Wholesale Meat
1803 NE 1st, Portland, OR 97212, p
hone: 503-284-2353

Viande Meats & Sausage Co.
735 NW 21st Street, Portland, OR, phone: 503-221-3012

Zenner's Quality Sausage & Smoked Meats
2131 NW Kearney St, Portland OR 97210, phone: 503-241-4113, email: [email protected]

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Alpine Harvest
P.O. Box 55054, Portland, OR 97238, email: [email protected]

Chloes' Cottage Garden
8660 N. Olympia, Portland, OR 97203

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The Bavarian Nut Co.
Portland, OR.  97229,phone: (503) 554-0173, email: [email protected]

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A Quilted Kitchen
2244 MLK Jr Blvd, Portland, OR, phone: 503-245-5158

Alyen Creations
Phone: (503) 236-2968, Portland, OR, email: [email protected]

Calico Corners
8526 SW Terwilliger Blvd, Portland, OR, phone: 503-244-6700

Cluttergutter Extension Table
9938 SW Terwilliger Boulevard, Portland, OR, phone: 503 245-5158, email: [email protected]

Cottingham Quilting
5627 NE Simpson Street, Portland, OR 97218, phone: 541-322-5295, email: [email protected]
Professional "Statler Sticher" machine quilting, using state-of-the-art, high precision machinery, can accomplish in just a few hours the amount of work which took weeks to achieve by hand -- with consistently high quality and at a reasonable cost.  At Cottingham Quilting, every quilt is special, and we will treat yours as if it were out own.  15% OFF ON ALL ORDERS BROUGHT IN THROUGH SEPTEMBER 2007

Daisy Kingdom
134 NW 8th, Portland, OR, phone: 503-222-9033

Fabric Depot
700 SE 122nd St, Portland, OR, phone: 503-252-9530

8540 SW Apple Way, Portland, OR, phone: 503-297-6811

Heart to Hand
4823 SE Division Street, Portland, OR, phone: 503-230-9075

Heavenly Notions
7070 N University Avenue, Portland, OR, phone: 503-289-3272

Jean's Impressions
18085 NW Parkview Blvd, Portland, OR,

Josephine's Dry Goods
921 SW 11th, Portland, OR, phone: 503-224-4202

Just Quilting (custom machine quilting)
13903 NE Siskiyou Ct, Portland, OR, phone: 503-287-7266

Mill End Store
9701 SE McLoughlin Blvd,
Portland, OR, phone:(503) 786-1234, email: [email protected]

Mona's Ethnic Fabric
2322 NE MLK Jr Blvd, Portland, OR, phone: 503-282-3068, email: [email protected]

Patchwork Peddler
4107 NE Tillamook, Portland, OR, phone: 503-287-5987

Quilt Repairs & Restoration Creature Comforts
Portland, OR, Toll free: 800-713-4561

Quilt Savvy (longarm quilting)
2228 N.E. Knott St., Portland, OR, phone:503-284-1435, email: [email protected]

Quilting with Spirit (longarm quilting)
12070 NW Lovejoy St., Portland, OR, phone: 503-626-4348

Scarborough Flair
4442 NE 131st Place, Portland, OR, phone: 503-254-3882, email: [email protected]

The Whole Nine Yards
1033 NW Glisan, Portland, OR, phone: (503) 223-2880

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The Hip Hound
2328 NW Westover Rd., Portland, OR  97210, phone: 503 841 541, email: [email protected]

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Specialty Food Markets

Alberta Cooperative Grocery
1500 NE Alberta Street, Portland, OR, phone: 503-287-4333

Alternatives for a New Millennium
7909 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR 97215, phone: 503-253-2665

Annex Mexican Food Company
3211 NE 82nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97220, phone: 503-257-9405

Continental Market
826 1/2 NW Murray Blvd, Portland, Oregon, phone: (503) 626 1109

Daily Grind Natural Foods & Cafe
4026 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214, phone: 503-233-5521

El Mexicano
11945 SW Pacific Hwy, Portland, OR, phone: (503) 624-0965

Food Front Cooperative
2375 NW Thurman St., Portland, OR 97210, phone: (503) 222-5658

Food Fight Vegan Grocery
4179 S.E. Division St., Portland, OR 97202, phone: 503-233-3910

Hing Ming Market
8340 SE Foster Road, Portland, OR 97266, phone: 503-775-5077

J L Oriental Market
4540 SE 122nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97236, phone: 503-761-2484

Jhanker Indian Groceries Food Market
5940 N. Interstate Ave, Portland, Oregon, phone: (503) 289 2480

La Sorpresa
12555 SW Main Street, Portland, OR 97223, phone: 503-624-9941

Lily Market Oriental Food & Gifts
11001 NE Halsey Street, Portland, OR 97220, phone: 503-255-0448

New Seasons Market 
7300 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97225, phone: (503) 292-6838

1214 Tacoma St. Portland, OR, phone: (503) 230-4949
5320 NE 33rd Ave., Portland, OR 97211, phone: (503) 288-3838
1954 SE Division Street, Portland, Oregon  97202, phone: (503) 445-2888

Paradise Gourmet Foods
826 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR, phone: (503) 232-8375 

3735 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland Oregon 97214, phone: 503-232-1010, email: [email protected]
735 NW 21st Avenue, Portland Oregon 97210, phone: 503-221-3002, email: [email protected]

People's Food Store Co-op
3029 SE 21st Avenue, Portland, OR 97202, phone: 503-232-9051, email: [email protected]

Pooja International
5135 N. Interstate Ave, Portland, Oregon, phone: (503) 240 0775

Quinn's Prime & Vine LLC
2041 NW Miller Road,Portland, OR 97229, phone: (503) 292-4600, email: [email protected]

429 SW 10th, Portland, Oregon, phone: (503) 227 6254

Wild Oats Natural Marketplace
3016 S.E. Division St., Portland, OR 97202, phone: 503-233-7374
3535 N.E. 15th Ave., Portland, OR 97212, phone: 503-288-3414
6344 S.W. Capitol Hwy., Portland, OR 97201, phone: 503-244-3110
2825 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR 97214, phone: 503-232-6601

Whole Foods Market
1210 Couch Street, Portland, OR 97209, phone: (503) 525-4343

Woodstock Farmers Market
Open June-Oct 9AM-1PM
4600 SE Woodstock, Portland, OR;; [email protected]

World Foods
10075 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, Oregon, phone: (503) 892 4658

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Antica Terra
6120 NE 22nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97211, phone: 503-281-7696

Hip Chicks do Wine
4510 SE 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97202, phone: 503-753-6374, email: [email protected]

Nicolas Rolin Vineyards & Winery
2234 NE 50th Ave, Portland, OR 97213, phone: 503-282-7542

KaiserRidge Vineyard
9345 NW Kaiser Road, Portland, OR 97231, phone: 503-286-3509

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