King Family Reunions

The King Reunion is held in Kings Valley the first Saturday after Father's Day weekend in June at Kings Valley School.  It is made up of the descendants of Nahum and Sarepta (Norton) King, Oregon pioneers of 1845 who settled Kings Valley, Benton County, OR in the spring of 1846.  Current officers are:

            President, Mimi Stang, (503) 364-8427, 
            Vice President, Earl Greig (541) 942-5494,
            Secretary, Pat Plunkett Holler, (541) 265-7117,
            Treasurer, Anne Trussell, 
            Historian, David Trask, (541) 734-3250,
            Webmaster, Jackie Farris, (541) 929-3062, 

Please send queries to David Trask, 691 Murphy Road, Suite 115, Medford, OR 97504.  Note that David collects obituaries of the descendants of Nahum King.  He can look one up for you.  Please mail copies of family obituaries to him.

Learn more about the King Family Reunions through the highlights and minutes: