King Folk Newsletter


King Folk is an annual newsletter published by the Family of Nahum and Sarepta (Norton) King, Oregon Pioneers of 1845.  Subscriptions are $10.00 annually.  A contribution of $4.00 can be made at the same time, to be used to repair tombstones and for costs related to the annual reunion.  Subscriptions are due Jan. 1, 2001, but reminders will be passed out before that time.  Please make checks payable to King Folk and mail to Anne Trussell, 2108 Stacia Way, Sacramento, CA 95822.

All information published in King Folk is printed as it is written or presented for publication.  For that reason, the information may not be completely accurate.  Corrections and updates are published whenever they are known.  Please submit material for publication to Earle Greig, 4441 NW Elmwood Drive, Corvallis, OR 97330, email

If you would like to include any information in the King Family website, it is very welcome.  Please submit material for publication to Jackie Farris, PO. Box 971, Philomath, OR 97370, email  You can send electronic files and photos or you can send hard copies and I will type or scan them into the web site.  All photos will be returned.