Nahum King Grave

From Folk Kings Newsletter No. 4, July 1993

In 1951 The Daughters of the American Revolution wrote this description of Nahum King's grave:

"This grave was originally marked with two large native boulders, as was his wife's grave beside him, near the edge of the grove, on the hillside back of their house on their Donation Land Claim near Wren (Benton County, OR).

This place is the first house on the left, just beyond the Y formed as the road from Wren joins the Corvallis-Newport road (Highway 20).

Nahum King came to the valley that bears his name, in 1845, stayed a year and went to Portland for a year and returned to take a claim near Wren.  Most of the rest of the large family are buried in the Kings Valley Cemetery close to the Isaac King DLC.

Bible records show that Nahum King was born July 25, 1783, died May 28, 1856.  His wife, Serepta Norton King, was born November 12, 1791, died July 14, 1864.

At the present time, the old house is gone.  Relatives showed us where the old house 'should' be."

Memorial stones for Nahum and his wife have been placed at Kings Valley Cemetery by the DAR when attempts to put them in Wren failed.