Kings Family Information

A listing of books about the Kings.

Nathan A King Library
An inventory of the Library of Nathan A. King as transferred to David Trsk, June 24, 1989 at Kings Valley, Oregon.

Nahum King Grave 
In 1951 The Daughters of the American Revolution wrote this description of Nahum King's grave: "This grave was originally marked with two large native boulders, as was his wife's grave beside him, near the edge of the grove, on the hillside back of their house on their Donation Land Claim near Wren (Benton County, OR).

Kings Valley Pioneer Cemetery 
This list was compiled by Patricia Bearden, Katherine Johnson, Art Lyday, and Charlotte Wirfs from January 24, 1981 through January 2, 1986.

Anna Marie King -- Letter home
In an effort to inform her family of the journey and perhaps to persuade them to make the same trip, Anna wrote a letter to her mother, brothers, and sisters on April 1, 1846. 

Solomon King -- 1880 interview
An interview with Solomon King was printed in the Corvallis Gazette, December 31, 1880. 

Sarah Chambers -- Association honors her grave 
A letter from the Northwest Chapter Oregon-California Trails Association dated July 26, 1992.

Sarah Chambers -- Plaque at her grave 
The inscription on the plaque placed at Sarah King Chambers' gravesite.

Sarah Chambers -- Article by Charlotte Wirfs 
"We Called Her Sally"  --  Memories of Sarah King Chambers