Minutes of the 1995 King Reunion Meeting

Charlotte Wirfs, President, called the meeting to order at l:15 p.m. and asked Pat Bearden to act as Secretary.  She thanked Vice President, Carol Putman, for chairing the last two meetings while Charlotte was living in Louisiana.  Janet King, Secretary, was helpful in keeping the mailing lists updated and providing address labels for the newsletter.  David Trask, Historian, is always more than willing to share information he and other family member have collected.  He also has Nathan King's library and will lend publications through the mail on request.  The list was published in King Folk Nos. 3,4, and 5.  No election was held as all four officers are willing to serve another year.

Copies of the 1994 reunion meeting were distributed and reviewed.  A treasure's report was given by Charlotte Wirfs.  Three years ago David Trask had collected about $135.00, which he turned over th Charlotte Wirfs after the membership voted to use the money to pay for the use of Kings Valley School and the launch a family newsletter.  The first three issues were to be mailed to everyone on the mailing list.  Starting with the 4th issue newsletters would be mailed only to family members paying a dues of $5.00.  The cost of printing and mailing newsletters was between $1.00 and $1.30 at that time.  In 1994 dues were raised to $6.00 which covers the postage rates raise as well as the rental fee of the school.  At present there is $102.00 in the general fund and newsletter No. 12 has not been mailed yet.  Approximately 80 copies are mailed each time.

Announcements were made about the Beebe family setting up, decoration, and cleaning up.  Also it was announced that Suzanne San Romani and her mother, Carol Nelson, organized the morning cemetery clean up.  Suzanne said she is applying to the state for recognition of Sarah Chambers grave and needs historic photos and more information on Sarah.  She is hoping to have the grave site placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Jim King announced that he and Lowell Tiller were planning to meet at Sarah Chambers grave site for its 150th anniversary on September 3, 1995.  Jim gave directions, "After leaving Juntura, OR, there's a gravel road to the left.  Go past Beulah Reservoir and stay to the left always.  You'll come to a big hay shed that's open on the sides at the bottom.  The grave is directly across the road from that hay shed.  The distance is 20.5 miles from the main road and the grave is on a knoll and can't be seen from the road."

Pat Bearden announced that "Wagon Train '95" did not occur.  "Wagon Train '93" had been so successful that sponsors wished to repeat it in 1995, but were unable to plan it.  For more information on "Wagon Train '93" see King Folk Nos. 5-9.

Lynee Carpenter and Jayne Thomas announced that they had activities planned to involve children.  We need to get the word out to bring youngsters to our reunions.  They ave some great ideas, but need children.

Several family members have expressed an interest in making a King Family quilt.  Ideas would be to have each family make a block which would include signatures or an album quilt might be made collecting signatures of King descendants.  The quilt could be displayed at future reunions, and perhaps go home with a family member as the result of a drawing, to be returned the next year.  Or it might be raffled with money collected to go to a project.  Several members present at the meeting said they would be willing to work on it during the year, but a meeting would need to be held to organize it.  Someone is also needed the chair this project and to start the planning.

Charlotte displayed a quilt block she pieced called the Oregon Trail.  It was made from scraps of Pat Bearden's "Wagon Train '93" costume.  She also made one for Carol Putman from scraps from her costume.  The block was made into a pillow.

Lynee Carpenter suggested having a crafts fair at next years reunion for family member to buy.  Perhaps Kings Valley store might take some things on consignment.  The money collected could go towards one of our projects.  The group thought that would be OK and Lynee will help organize that for next year.

Charlotte asked if someone in the group would give an update on Horner Museum on OSU campus, which had closed for a year to take inventory and then had opened part time and then closed again.  No one could reply.

Carol Nelson announced that Benton County Historical Museum at Philomath will open a branch museum in Corvallis in July.

Evelyn Tucker said she painted a picture of Rowland Chambers' grist mill.  She used an old post card as her model.  She also painted the old Philomath College, which is now Benton County Historical Museum.  She will bring the pictures to the reunion next year.

Kenneth Munford announced  that someone is indexing the "Back When in Benton County" articles on the King family.

Jayne Thomas announced that the "tombstone" box was for donations to be given to Kings Valley Cemetery Association and that $1.00 from each item ordered of hats, T shirts, and sweatshirts will also be given to the association.  Charlotte will put ordering information in the next newsletter, No 12.

Charlotte Wirfs suggested including notices of births, marriages, deaths, illnesses, and celebrations in future newsletters and requested that people mail information or call her at (503) 926-5908.  She also has a few rosters, agendas and photographs from past reunions and asked if someone would start a scrapbook.  Pat Bearden volunteered to do it with the assistance of Carol Putman.

Charlotte has been collecting Photographs and negatives of Kings Valley area and residents and has about 250.  She need help indexing them by surnames, subject  and location.  Carol Nelson volunteered to do this.  The index can be made available for family members to order prints.  Negatives can be stored in a safe-deposit box.

Daniel Lewis Fromherz announced that he could put family information in his computer.  He's doing a database and has all the Fromherz family (Lucy's 10 children on down).  If someone will send him King information he will add it.  His address is: Daniel Lewis Fromherz, 161 Fromherz Dr., Yakima, WA 98908.  He also reminded everyone that the Fromherz reunion would be held at Avery Park in Corvallis tomorrow.

In response to Charlotte asking if the King reunion needed to be returned to a two-day workshop or changed, the consensus of the group was to leave the reunion on Saturday, one day only, with a workshop and cemetery cleanup in the morning, followed by a pot-luck luncheon, meeting, and social time.  It is to be held at the Kings Valley School on the first Saturday following Father's Day which will be June 22, 1996.

Some family members have requested an on-going project to be started to repair and replace tombstones (and in some cases to place them).  For example, Stephen King and Almeda VanBebber King Zumwalt have no stones.  The goal would be to place or repair one stone per year.  The earliest grave (aside from Sarah Chambers grave) belongs to a King baby buried at Locke Cemetery.  Dated 1852 it's in need of repair and would be a good one to begin.  Suzanne San Romani said she would gather information about an appropriate way to approach this task and also would begin a list of stones needing attention.  She has a resource person that may be able to advise her.  Stones to be listed do not have to be located in Kings Valley Cemetery, but they do have to be King descendants and spouses.  We will call this the tombstone project.

It was the consensus of the membership to raise dues to $10.00 as well as ask for donations as needed to fund the Tombstone project.  Six dollars of the ten would go to the newsletter and to the rental fee of Kings Valley school.  The remaining $40.00 would go to the tombstone project.  If more money was needed for a specific stone, it would be announced in the newsletter.

A question was aksed, "are any plots still availabe in Kings Valley Cemetery?"  Charlotte answered that no new burials were allowed on the pioneer side of the cemetery but were being allowed on the IOOF side.  Joan Larsen stated that tere are empty plots but most are held by family groups.  Marcia Gilson is head of the Kings Valley Cemetery Association and could give more information.  She can be reached by telephone in the eventings, (503) 929-2158.

Carol Nelson reminded us of the restoration of Charles King home at Harris bridge, 2.5 miles from Wren, OR.  Aaron and Noemi McKee are the owners and have placed it on the National Register of Historic Places, which requires them to hold an annual open house.  Last year's open house was held September 23, 1994 and was well attended.  Kenneth Munford wrote an article about this in the Corvallis newspaper which was also in King Folk Nos. 9 and 10.

Earl Greig announced that an old rope bed and chest belonging to Lucius and Hopestill (King) Norton were displayed at the Benton County Historical Museum in Philomath.

Joan Larsen asked if donations to Kings Valley Cemetery Association are still to be made out to W.P. Eddy as directed on the form the association provides.  Charlotte said she would ask Marcia Gilson and publish the answer in the next newsletter.

A drawing was held for door prizes.  Jim King and Charlotte  Wirfs won.

The group formed for a photograph and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectively submitted by
Patricia Bearden
June 24, 1995