Highlights of 1992 King Reunion

The June 27th reunion at Kings Valley School was attended by 32 King folk.  New faces included Leland & Barbara Drew, Orville & Norma Olney, and Joe & Glenva Chotard.  These people were welcomed by all and information exchanged.  David Trask brought his copy machine and it was utilized by many.  

David gave a short accounting of the files on Nathan King which were given to him following Nathan's death.  He reported that the files were fairly complete, but documentation was needed, which would involve extensive work.  David suggested the files be used to begin developing a master file which others can add or use as needed.  This information could also be prepared for publication.

The assembled group decided to work towards publishing a book and a plan was decided.  Vol. 1 should contain a chapter on early King genealogy up to Nahum and Serepta.  Another volume should cover their families and the trip to Oregon as well as settlement.  The third volume could possibly trace the family as it grew in the western states.  No one discussed who will publish the book or the cost, but a focus was established.

Publication of a newsletter was next on the agenda.  The newsletter would consist of 4 or 5 pages and be mailed 4 times a year at a cost of $5.00 per subscription.  The first copy would be mailed as a "freebie" and then only to subscribers.  The group wants one of the pages to be a family history page.  One side will contain a narrative of a certain branch of the family and the other side will include an ancestor chart of the person compiling the narrative.  Francis Rexford said he'd be glad to write the first family history to be published.  These pages can be submitted at any time and will contribute to the master file, and eventually to the publication of the book.  Contributors will need to help keep these pages updated.  Charlotte Wirfs said she would work with Secretary, Janie King to mail the first newsletter.

Carole Putman will help with typing tasks and David Trask will begin organizing the master file.  Progress on projects will be reported in each newsletter.  Subscriptions will run from August to July and people subscribing after August will receive back copies for that year so all subscriptions will come due in August of each year.  Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and material to the newsletter.

Officers for the 1992-'93 year are:
    President, Charlotte Wirfs
    Vice President, Carole Putman
    Secretary, Janie King
    Historian, David Trask

The meeting was adjourned and people visited, enjoyed a potluck luncheon, and played some horse shoes.  By 4:00 tables were put away, the mess cleaned up and folks were on their way.

The next meeting will be June 26, 1993 at 10:00 am, Kings Valley School.