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Portland Oregon Beer and Breweries 

Alameda Brewhouse
4765 NE Fremont, Portland, OR 97213, phone: 503-460-9025

BJ's Pizza, Grill & Brewery
12105 N. Center, Portland, OR 97217, phone: (503) 285-9413
825 NE Weidler, Portland, OR 97232, phone: (503) 288-0111

Blitz-Weinhard Brewing
(Stroh Brewery Co.), 1133 West Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97209

1402 NW Glisan, Portland, OR 97209, phone: 503-223-9566

BridgePort Brewing
(Gambrinus Importing Co.), 1313 NW Marshall Street, Portland, OR 97209, phone: 503-241-7179, email:

BridgePort Brewing #2 (Gambrinus Importing Co.)
Hawthorne Street Ale House, 3632 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR 97214, phone: 503-241-7179, email:

Concordia Brewery at Kennedy School (McMenamins)
5736 NE 33rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97211, phone: 503-249-3983, email:

Full Sail Brewing Co
Pilsener Room at Riverplace, 0307 SW Montgomery, Portland, OR 97201, phone: 503-222-5343, email:

Fulton Pub and Brewery (McMenamins)
0618 SW Nebraska Street, Portland, OR 97201, phone: 503-246-9530, email:

Hair of the Dog Brewing Co
4509 SE 23rd Avenue, Portland OR 97202, phone: 503-232-6585

Hillsdale Brewery and Public House (McMenamins)
1505 SW Sunset Boulevard, Portland, OR 97201, phone: 503-246-3938, email:

Laurelwood Public House & Brewery
1728 NE 40th Avenue, Portland, OR 97212, phone: (503) 282-0622, email:

Lucky Labrador Brewing Co
915 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214, phone: (503) 236-3555, email:

McMenamins Crystal Ballroom Brewery
Ringler's Pub, 1332 West Burnside, Portland, OR 97205, phone: 503-225-0047, email:

MacTarnahan's Brewing Co.
2730 NW 31st Ave., Portland, OR 97210, phone: 503-.226-7623, email:

Multnomah Brewery
1603 SE Pardee Street, Portland, OR 97202, phone: 503-236-3106

Nor'Wester Brewery and Public House
Willamette Valley Brewing, 66 SE Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97214, phone: 503-232-9771

Oak Hills Brewpub (McMenamins)
14740 NW Cornell Road #80, Portland, OR 97229, phone: 503-645-0286, email:

Old Chicago Brewery and Pub
11211 SE 82nd, Portland, OR 97266, phone: 503-786-5009

Old Lompoc
1616 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97210, phone: 503-225-1855

Old Market Pub and Brewery
6959 SW Garden Home Road, Portland, OR 97223, phone: 503-244-0450

Old World Pub and Brewery
3583 NE Morris Street, Portland, OR 97212, phone: 503-281-3213

Philadelphia's Steaks & Hoagies
6410 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR 97202, phone: 503-239-8544

Portland Brewing #1
2730 NW 31st Avenue, Portland, OR 97210, phone: 503-226-7623

Portland Brewing #2
Flanders Street Pub, 1339 NW Flanders Street, Portland, OR 97209, phone: 503-222-5910

Rock Bottom Brewery #4
210 SW Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97204, phone: 503-796-2739, email:

Rose City Brewing
8434 NE Glisan Street, Portland, OR 97220, phone: 503-257-7912

Saxer Brewery
Portland, Oregon, email:

Star Brewing
5231 NE Martin Luther King Blv, Portland, OR 97211, phone: 503-282-6003

Steelhead Brewing
Portland, OR 97200

Tugboat Brewpub and Cafe
711 SW Ankeny Street, Portland, OR 97205, phone: 503-226-2508, email:

Widmer Brewing Co
924 N Russell, Portland, OR 97227, phone: 503-281-2437, email:

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